The Wake Up!

I woke up at 4:45am and I feel great. I have a new routine. I won’t go into great detail, but the small things that are helping are… once 8pm hits, my cell phone and the lights get shut off. Then at 9pm I shut the TV off. These two hours each night are giving me time to wind down and fall asleep by a decent time. I can tell a huge difference.

There are other super healthy things that I’m doing but I’ll talk about that in the months to come.


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Relocated Golden Eggs

ATTN Bakersfield, CA. We have relocated both Golden Eggs we found. 

One is “Planted” at the Valley Plaza entrance.

The second is on the corner of Ashe and White Lane.

Have fun hunting.

UPDATE: Egg #285 that we relocated in the planter at the entrance of the Valley Plaza has been found. Not sure who found this one yet. 

UPDATE: Egg #33 that we relocated to the Fastrip, has been found. I saw the pic they tagged on instagram and they looked so happy. 

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